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Here we answer some of the common questions related to Bonny Products Private Limited and our products.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us at 0120-4147777.

Q1. : What is the Delivery time frame of products?

Ans. :

Once the order is placed we dispatch the products within 48 hrs to our super stockist. From there, it should take about 24-72 hours for the products to reach you. We take extreme measures to ensure our deliveries are on time every time.

Q2. : How does the Complaint Process work?

Ans. :

Customer Satisfaction is of prime importance for us. Once any complaint is received, it is forwarded to the concerned department. The solution is taken out within 24 hours and a solution or update is communicated by our executives.

Q3. : How is the Quality Monitored?

Ans. :

We have a very strong quality management matrix which is followed by our quality control team which makes sure that the product and service quality is maintained according to the international standards.

All our production is completely automated and free of human touch. Our production facilities and factories have been through. rigorous quality process checks to ensure that the quality of the end products is upto, international quality standards.

Q4. : Are the Raw Materials used in products safe?

Ans. :

Yes All the materials used in BPPL Products are food grade and totally safe for any child to use.

Q5. : What Is BPA?

Ans. :

In recent times there have been many media reports around BPA (Bisphenol-A) and the damage that this chemical could be doing to babies.

BPA is a chemical that is found in baby feeding bottles that are made of Polycarbonate plastic material (a material that has been widely used in the industry for many decades.

Although no definitive studies have been carried out, it is thought that BPA can leach out of Polycarbonate plastic bottles into baby's mil

Q6. : Are BPPL products BPA Free?

Ans. :

Yes! BPPL has a complete range of BPA free Products available.

Q7. : What is spill proof?

Ans. :

Feeding bottles travel with the baby. We've developed an innovative Spill Proof system which ensures that the bottles are easy to carry and there is no leakage.

Q8. : What is the advantage of air release valve?

Ans. :

The advantage of air release valve is that it enable a smooth & continuos flow of baby feed.

Q9. : Can I use washing detergent to clean the bottles?

Ans. :

Yes a detergent can be used with a Bonny bottle cleaning brush to clean bottles completely. Excessive use of detergent may result in deposit of detergent in bottle so make sure it is rinsed well with hot water and air dry after wash and before use.

Q10. : Can I use washing detergent to clean the bottles?

Ans. :

Yes, Tender flo has a wide range of products which include natural shaped nipple, Y cut nipple and normal flow and wide mouth nipple & Tender flo bottles have a wide range which is available at your nearest retail outlet or a pharmacy.

Q11. : Are Tender flo wipes suitable for sensitive skin?

Ans. :

Yes, Tender flo wipes are suitable for delicate skin and have been specially formulated to suit babies delicate skin

Q12. : Can I give medicine to the baby in feeding bottle?

Ans. :

Yes, Tender flo has a Medi Feed bottle especially designed for this purpose which is available at your nearest retail outlet or a pharmacy.

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